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Seeking entry-level consulting or corporate position

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Brothers, I hope all is well in sunny Arizona.

I am the former consul of the Beta Phi chapter down at the University of Arizona. I am graduating from law school out here at Penn State next month, but I am moving away from the practice of law and leaning towards a business career. I am looking for an entry-level consulting or corporate position in the Phoenix area after graduation. I am also open to other more non-traditional opportunities with smaller companies.

A few words about my experience. I co-founded and run a nonprofit business-accelerator in State College, PA, whose ventures have received almost a million dollars in venture capital funding. I also co-founded a successful startup based in Tucson which now operates in two states. I served as an associate in the largest student-run venture capital fund in the world and led the due diligence effort for a round of funding for a medical technology company. But my most proud¬†accomplishment was serving a critical role in the re-founding of the Beta Phi chapter as Consul. Through these experiences, I’ve proven myself to be a natural leader, communicator and organizer.

Any advice, referrals or opportunities from alumni in the area would be most welcome. My resume is attached.

In hoc,

Kai Kaapro