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Alumni Chapter Dues


Dear Brothers,

The Phoenix Sigma Chi Alumni Chapter has dramatically increased its activities in the past few years to further enhance the experience of our Brotherhood, both for the Alumni Brothers in Arizona and the undergraduate Brothers at Arizona State, Northern Arizona, Embry-Riddle and soon we will include our re colonized chapter at the University of Arizona. These activities include:

*  Upgrading and renewing ritualistic robes and other initiation items

*  Establishing and awarding academic scholarships

*  Assisting the newly formed chapter Parent’s Clubs

*  Remodeling and upgrading chapter houses

*  Recruiting new pledges at all chapters

*  Supporting Derby Days

*  Supporting and developing the Big Brother/Mentoring Program

*  Annual Alumni Chapter Sweetheart-Valentine Dinner

*  Annual donations to Sigma Chi’s Charity, the Children’s Miracle Network
While these activities have enhanced the vision of Sigma Chi in the eyes of all involved, they have had a cumulative effect on our financial situation and I am writing you to ask for your support.

As of the end of September only 13 Brothers have paid their Alumni Chapter dues for 2007:

Bob Hobbs, Sr.
Tom Hobbs

I would like to request that each of you consider paying your annual  dues of $35.00 and continue to do so each year in order that we may enhance and increase our activities and provide better support for the chapters and Sigma Chi Brothers in Arizona.
None of the dues collected is spent on frivolous activities or unnecessary meetings. All money collected is and will be used to promote, enhance  and increase the activities listed above.

Above is a form to fill out and send in with your payment. Differing levels of support are offered, and certainly welcome. If all members would pay the regular dues of $35.00, the Alumni Chapter would have more than sufficient funds to meet and exceed our goals. Also, paid members have a Sigma Chi name tag at each of our monthly meetings.

Please bring your payment and the completed form to our monthly chapter meeting at the Phoenix City Grille restaurant or drop them in the mail to us at:

The Phoenix Sigma Chi Alumni Chapter
P.O. Box 62291
Phoenix, AZ  85082-2291

Brother, thanks for your consideration in this matter. If you have any questions, please call our Worthy Quaester, Arthur Almassy at 602-363-7353, or myself, Marshall Christy at 602-909-4209.

In Hoc Signo Vinces,
Marshall Christy
Beta Phi (Arizona), 1971
Consul, The Phoenix Sigma Chi Alumni Chapter