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One Response to Officers

  • Michael Cole says:

    Worthy Brothers,

    Currently, I’m in a rehabilitation center. Two years ago I got involved with a drug; which is uncharacteristic of me. I have been here two months; with two months to go. The next phase of my program here at Crossroads Arcadia is to find a job. I have great leads and interviews set up, including: United Food Bank, Brain Injury Alliance and the Be A Leader Foundation. However, the hiring process is taking longer than anticipated. Completing the program and graduating from Crossroads means a great deal to me. I am open and willing to do whatever it takes to finish.

    While I search for work, and secure a couple checks, I humbly ask for help covering the next two months of my stay.

    I’m wholeheartedly ready to rejoin my brother, my friends and family, as well as, society being the best ‘Michael Cole’ that I know I am. Please help me on my road to sobriety.

    I appreciate all the love and support given to me on my journey to recovery.

    Thank you,

    Michael Cole ’03


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